If you are experiencing problems with your c95, c97, c125, c127, e7, e7D, e95, e97, e125, or e127 Multifunction Display (MFD), then performing a Factory Reset may restore operation of the display.  It is also necessary to perform a Factory Reset operation after having updated a MFD's software.  The procedure for performing a Factory Reset follows:

IMPORTANT: Back Up your waypoints, routes, and tracks to a CF memory card before the Factory Reset.

When a Factory Reset is performed, the action will cause all waypoints, routes, tracks to be erased from the MFD’s memory.  Doing so will additionally cause all configuration settings to be restored to the factory default settings.  As such, it is recommended that all waypoints, routes, and tracks be archived to a microSD memory card and that the MFD's configuration settings be backed up prior to resetting the MFD.  Please seeAnswer ID 1488: Backing up waypoint, routes and tracks on c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127 MFDs and Answer ID 1492: Backing up configuration settings on c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127 MFDs for complete instructions.  It also be advisable to note any configuration settings that you have modified in order that the display may be reconfigured with these settings following the Factory Reset operation.  Following the Factory Reset operation, the waypoints, routes, and tracks may be retrieved from the archive file stored on the CF memory card.

Factory Reset Procedure.

  1. Switch OFF the power to your MFD using the MFD's POWER button.
  2. After the MFD has been switched OFF, press and hold the BACK button in while switching ON power to your MFD.  Continue to hold the BACK button pressed until the Raymarine Intialization menu is displayed.  Release the BACK button.
  3. Press the WPT button to command the MFD to Reset FLOB and bluetooth (i.e. Factory Reset).  The MFD will report "Erasing 4 Kibyte @ ...  xx % complete".
  4. After approximately 30 seconds, the MFD will report "FLOB erase completed " signaling that the factory reset has been completed.  A few seconds afterwards, the MFD will automatically reboot.

After your display has completed initialization, the "WARNING - LIMITATIONS OF USE" dialog will be displayed.  The lower right hand corner of this dialog also features information concerning the currently installed display software version.  Verify that the display software version specified is the latest available for your display, and if not not, upgrade your MFD with the latest avaialable software.  Please refer to the following answers for more information on software updates:

  • Answer #1490: Latest software for e7/e7D e-Series MFDs, v2.10

If neither of these procedures solves your issue, please seek assistance from your local Raymarine Service Agent or the nearest Raymarine Factory Service Center.