LightHouse OS: The Easy Operating System for Raymarine Axiom

31 August 2022

LightHouse OS: The Easy Operating System for Raymarine Axiom

Raymarine’s LightHouse OS is the operating system that powers every Raymarine Axiom-series chartplotter and multifunction display. LightHouse OS was built to be exceptionally easy to use, without the need for extensive reading or training. Using a Smartphone-inspired, tiled interface you can quickly and easily access your favorite boating applications right from the Axiom home screen.

LightHouse OS is also highly customizable. Windows can be reconfigured with a few touches to show full-screen or split-screen views of your chart, radar, sonar, cameras, instrument data, and much more. 

LightHouse OS is also upgradeable. Raymarine publishes regular, free updates that add new features to Axiom, resolve bugs, and optimize the performance of the system. Updates can be added by connecting Axiom’s Wi-Fi to a nearby hotspot or mobile device and installing them right from the Internet. Updates can also be downloaded in advance from, placed on a memory card, and uploaded into Axiom. 

LightHouse 4 is the latest release of the operating system and is compatible with ALL Axiom-series chartplotters and multifunction displays. Axiom-series units that have not been recently updated might also be found running a version of LightHouse 3, the prior release. 

We always suggest updating your Axiom displays to the latest LightHouse 4 version to make sure you are up-to-date on the latest features and fixes. When you update your Axiom display you can also update your other Raymarine sensors and accessories like radar, autopilot, instruments, etc.

Key Updates and New Features in LightHouse OS 

With every update we add new features and capabilities to LightHouse OS, adding more capabilitiy to Axiom and your entire Raymarine system. You can always find the full software update history here on, but here are some examples of new features and capabilities added to LightHouse OS since it was first launched.     

  • Axiom UAV App 
  • Augmented Reality 
  • Mercury VesselView Engine Data Display 
  • Yamaha Command Link Engine Data Display 
  • Custom Backgrounds and WallpapersFish Symbols and Fish Alarms are now available on CP370, CP470 and CP570 
  • Advanced Anchor Alarm Mode 
  • Home Screen Data Widget 
  • SiriusXM Fish Mapping 
  • Navionics AutoRouting and Relief Shading 
  • Imray Raster Chart Suppor 
  • S-63 Vector Chart Support 
  • Cyclops Marine Load Cell Support 
  • Reeds Nautical Almanac, and LightHouse Charts POIs 
  • Audio Sidebar Controller for Marine Stereos 
  • Victron Battery Management System  
  • Advanced Sailing Tools 

And many, many more!

Update to the Latest LightHouse OS

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