A great blend of size and performance, the Raymarine 45STV makes satellite television at sea a reality for owners of 10.7 - 15 meters (35' - 50') vessels.

Product Options

Fast Signal Acquisition

Popular Size with Higher Performance

45cm reflector diameter with nationwide coverage for North America, Europe and the regional service around the globe.

Faster Signal Acquisition

Raymarine's exclusive Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm allows the antenna to search, find and lock on to a signal with incredible speed and accuracy.

Tune in your Favorite HDTV channels

Raymarine's 45STV provides HD channels from the Ku- band. The HD module is built-in to the Antenna Control Unit of the 45STV for seamless integration and easy installation.

Built-in GPS

The 45STV includes a built-in GPS for easier operation and faster signal acquisition. It allows the 45STV to have higher accuracy and easy operation wherever the vessel sails.

Simple & Easy Installation

With a single cable to connect the antenna and the ACU, Raymarine's satellite TV systems are quick and easy to install. Our advanced ACU is designed to require minimum setup so you can begin to enjoy TV programs aboard your boat in no time.

Wireless Connectivity & Aptus Mobile

The built-in Wi-Fi enables the ACU to be wirelessly connected. PCs, laptops and smartphones can be used to connect to the ACU and monitor, control and change the settings of the system wirelessly. Intellian Aptus mobile is available for download to access to the ACU via Wi-Fi and operate the antenna from their iPhone, iPad or other network devices. iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

User Friendly Operation

Antenna Control Unit (ACU), which is supplied as a default package, gives you user-friendly operation for various functions.

45STV Key Features

Wide Range Search (WRS) Algorithm

Competitor methods search for the narrow-bandwidth of the main lobe. However Raymarine's exclusive WRS searches for the wide range of side lobes and jumps up to the main lobe, providing faster satellite acquisition.

Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) Technology

A high-speed sub-reflector rotates off axis, checking signal strength at 50 times per second and compensating the tracking direction. Less movement of the main reflector means less noise and extends the product life

Fully Automated System

Automatic satellite search and identification. 2-axis step motors to stabilize the pedestal.

Enhanced Antenna

Highly efficient parabolic antenna enables 49dBW of minimum EIRP. RHCP / LHCP, Vertical / Horizontal polarization.

DVB-S2 Signal Identification

High speed identification employing DVB-S2 Decoder.

New Type Antenna Control Unit

  • Intuitive controls with a digital information display on the ACU
  • Wireless automated updates and diagnostics via Aptus PC and Aptus Mobil

Built-in GPS and NMEA 0183 Interface Port

The 45STV includes a built-in GPS inside of the Antenna Unit for faster signal acquisition. The ship’s GPS can also be connected through the NMEA 0183 port on the rear panel of the ACU.

Automatic Polarization (Skew-angle) Control

Automatic Skew Angle Control System (-90°~ +90°) for Linear Horizontal/Vertical Polarization.

45STV Models

45STV – 45cm Satellite TV System (B4) - SKY Brazil - Mexico - Europe

SKU: E70462
45STV – 45cm Satellite TV System (B4) - SKY Brazil - Mexico - Europe
  • Satellite TV system for Brazil, Europe and Mexico

45STV - 45CM AutoSkew for EMEA

SKU: E70466
45STV - 45CM AutoSkew for EMEA
  • Satellite TV system with Auto Skew for Europe

45STV Resources

Radome Height

54cm / 21.2”

Radome Diameter

50cm / 19.7”

Reflector Diameter

45cm / 17.7”


11.6kg / 25.5lbs

Operating Temp. Range

-25°C to +55°C / -13°F to +131°F

Storage Temp. Range

-40°C to +80°C / -40°F to +176°F

Water Ingress





3 years parts and 2 year labor

Reception Frequency

Ku-band (10.7~12.75GHz)


RHCP / LHCP, Vertical / Horizontal

Minimum EIRP


Azimuth Range


Elevation Range

0° to +90°

Ship’s Motion

Roll ±25º, Pitch ±15º

Roll & Pitch Response Rate

50º / sec

Turning Rate

50º / sec

RF Output

Dual / Quad Output

Antenna Control Unit
Dimensions (WxDxH)

17.8cm x 21.7cm x 5.4cm / 7” x 8.5” x 2.1”


1.2kg / 2.6lbs 


2 line 20 character VFD module

GPS Interface

Built-in (NMEA 0183 GPS)

Power Requirement

9.0~30.0V DC

Power Consumption

Typ. 30W, Max. 50W

What's in the box?


RG6 (Antenna - ACU RF Cable) 15m


RG6 (ACU - IRD Cable) 3m


Power Cable 10m


PC Serial Cable 1.8m


NMEA Connector 1.5m


Power Connector




Aptus software CD




ACU Bracket x2