CPT-S In Hull Transducer

Plastic high CHIRP in-hull transducer

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CPT-S In Hull Transducer

CPT-S In Hull Transducer Overview

The CPT-S In-hull transducer provides a simple-to-install depth-only transducer solution for non-cored fiberglass hulls. Ideal for sailing, cruising, and small powerboat applications, the CPTS-S In-hull transducer supports CHIRP sonar operation centered on 200kHz. The CPT-S In-hull transducer transmits sonar signals through the boat's hull, simplifying installation while providing reliable high-speed depth recording.   An innovative transducer tube housing design allows the CPT-S In-Hull to mount in hulls ranging from 0 to 25 degrees deadrise.

Key Features and Specifications

  • No drilling through the hull is required.
  • Supports single High CHIRP sonar with a 25° conical beam
  • Up to 600 ft (183 m) depth range
  • Includes housing and 7.5 meter cable

CPT-S Chartplotter compatibility 

Element S

The CPT-S transducer family connects directly to Element S chartplotters

Axiom Pro S and Axiom 2 Pro S

CPT-S transducers are the recommended transducer for Axiom Pro S and Axiom 2 Pro S chartplotters.  Use the A80490 adaptor cable to connect CPT-S transducers to Axiom Pro.

Element HV

Use the A80559 transducer adaptor cable to connect to Element HV models.  Please note the CPT-S transducer only supports High CHIRP sonar. HyperVision sonar requires an HV series transducer.

All Axiom Chartplotters with Sonar

CPT-S transducers connect directly to Axiom DV models. All other sonar-equipped Axiom displays can use the A80490 transducer adaptor cable to connect CPT-S transducers. Please note the CPT-S transducer only supports High CHIRP sonar. 

CPT-S In Hull Models

CPT-S In-Hull Mount

SKU: A80691
CPT-S In-Hull Mount
  • Deadrise Angles: 0, 12, 20°

  • Material: Urethane

  • Frequency (KHz): 170-230

  • Hull Material: Solid, non-cored fiberglass