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DT800 Smart Transducer

Depth and Temperature instrument transducer with SeaTalkng output

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DT800 Smart Transducer


The DT800 is a Smart Depth and Temperature transducer for Raymarine instrument and chartplotter systems.  Convenient SeaTalkng output allows you to plug this transducer directly into your network and receive accurate depth and water temperature data on your connected devices. Calibration of the transducer's sensors is performed from a network-connected Axiom chartplotter or i70s instrument.  

  • 0° (flat) or 12° tilted element options available
  • 235 kHz frequency prevents interference with other onboard depth sounders or fishfinders
  • 100-Watt output provides accurate depths from 0.5M (1.6 ft.) and 180M (600 ft.)
  • 2-inch, high-strength plastic housing suitable for fiberglass or metal hulls
  • Retractable housing with water valve for easy maintenance
  • 6M (20 foot) interconnect cable with SeaTalk NG connector

DT800 Transducer Options

Choose between 0° or 12° offset options.

DT800 12° Depth / Temperature Smart Transducer SKU: A22112

DT800 12° Depth / Temperature Smart Transducer

  • 12° tilted element for deadrise compensation

  • SeaTalkng network compatible

DT800 0° Depth / Temperature Smart Transducer SKU: A22165

DT800 0° Depth / Temperature Smart Transducer

  • 0° internal element for flat (horizontal) mounting positions.

  • SeaTalkng network compatible