Meet Cristiano Lagostena....


Italian born Cristiano Lagostena has always followed his passion for the sea. Over the last twenty years he has dedicated himself to practicing and honing multiple fishing techniques from handlines and longlines to landing techniques. He is expert in drifting, trolling with live bait, bottom fishing deep, offshore trolling and vertical jigging, leading him to an official recognition in the Federal Fishing Guide FIPSAS.

For many years Cristiano has worked with major trade fishing publications producing many articles about all types of fishing techniques.



Raymarine marine electronics on board  

a65    e127    CP450    DF    Evo    p70R    S100    Ray49E

 a65 MFD 


e127 MFD


CP450 Sonar




Evolution Autopilot


p70R Control Head


S100 Remote Control



Cristiano and Raymarine

Cristiano has a comprehensive Raymarine electronics system onboard his Boston Whaler My Way II including the CP450 ClearPulse CHIRP sonar which provides him with exceptional imaging, virtually eliminating surface clutter and water colum noise.

Cristiano Lagostena